Luxury Facials at Catherine Taylor 
'The Ultimate Facial' at Catherine Taylor  
What’s included in the Treatment: 
- Cleanse 
- Steam Cleanse 
- Ultra- sonic peel extraction 
- Dermaplaning 
- Hydra- gel mask 
- Galvanic rollers 
- LED Light Therapy 
- 24 Carat Gold Collagen Mask 
- Lymphatic drainage 
- Facial Massage 
- Neck and Shoulder Massage 
Some of the Benefits 
Steam Cleanse: 
• Removes dirt and impurities in blocked pores 
• Helps stimulate circulation and blood flow 
• Hydrating 
Ultra- Sonic Peel: 
• Draws out impurities 
• Exfoliates and helps pigmentation in the skin 
• Stimulates collagen production 
• Removes peach fuzz from the skin 
• Improves the skins complexion 
• Better absorption of products 
• Makeup goes on smoother 
• Anti -age elements 
Galvanic Rollers: 
• Skin appearance is refreshed and rejuvenated 
• Rebalances the skin 
• Softens the appearance of fine lines 
• Eliminates a tired, dull looking skin caused by ageing and stress 
Light Therapy: 
Red light 
• Increase cell renewal 
• Plumps and smooths the appearance of fine lines 
Blue Light 
• Reduces redness 
• Anti -bacterial 
• Calming, soothing, anti -inflammatory 
Lymphatic Massage 
Therapeutic massgae which helps to increase the flow of lymph and reduce toxins in your body. 
The Lymph system is part of your body's immune system and helps fight infection. 
Contra- indications 
• Pregnancy 
• Pacemaker 
• Epilepsy/ photo epilepsy 
• Heart conditions (Dr note required) 
• Diabetes (insulin controlled) 
• Thrombosis/ Blood Clot 
• Tumors 
• Retinol (stop using 5 days before facial) 
• Anti- depressants (Prozac) 
• Botox and fillers (72hours) 
• High blood pressure 
• MS 
Elemis Touch Facials 
Mattify and combat oil and shine whilst restoring micro-circulation. 
A deeply detoxifying treatment which leaves skin bright and clear. 
• Great for those that suffer with oily, congested or hormonal skin 
• Deeply cleanses the skin 
• Restores moisture levels in the skin 
• Improves skin tone and texture 
• Helps improve circulation 
This highly potent couture resurfacing treatment targets the signs of ageing and dull, tired, uneven skin tone. 
• Targets uneven skin tone 
• Uses specialised enzymes for exfoliation and cell renewal 
• Clinically proven to resurface the skin 
• Patch test required 30mins before treatment 
(not to be treated if you suffer with acne rosacea, red hypersensitive inflamed skin. If had a micro- dermabrasion or glycolic facial wait a week before having this treatment) 
Restore the architecture of your face with potent plant actives.  
For a profoundly, sculpted youthful effect. 
• Using specialised massage techniques to help tone and shape facial contours 
• Reduces sagging skin along the jawline 
• Targets jowls and double chin 
• Helps promote cellular activity 
• Uplifts and firms the skin 
• Restores moisture levels 
• Skin appears plumped and revitalised 
Elemis Pro Collagen Age Define 
Elemis Biotec Facials 
55 Minutes  
Simply Book a Biotec Facial and choose one of the following options at your appointment. Your therapist can discuss the options at your appointment.  
The Biotec facials uses 5 technologies in just one machine. They target specific skin needs which visibly transforms the skin to new levels of Beauty, health and radiance. Clinically proven to repair and rejuvenate the skin. 
Technologies of the Biotec Machine include: 
Ultrasonic Peel 
• Less aggressive alternative to microdermabrasion (skin exfoliation) 
• Draws out impurities on the surface of the skin 
• The vibrations of the ultrasonic spatula deep cleanses 
• Helps improve pigmentation 
• Improvement to the skin’s circulation 
• Focus on lymph to help healing process 
Contra indications: pregnancy, pacemaker, epilepsy, heart conditions, diabetes insulin controlled, thrombosis, tumours, anti-depressants – Prozac. Botox and Collagen injections 
• Performs like a gym workout on the skin 
• Re- educates the muscles on the face 
• Promotes micro- circulation 
• Increases the production of collagen and elastin 
• Firms and tightens the facial muscles 
• Lifting effects on contours 
• Improvement seen on scarring, sun- damage, pigmentation and Blemishes 
Contra indications: pregnancy, pacemaker, epilepsy, heart conditions, diabetes- insulin controlled, thrombosis, high blood pressure, multiple sclerosis, tumours, anti- depressants- ones with muscle relaxants in, collagen fillers, Botox 
Wait 72hours for fillers and Botox 
• Re organises a disorganised skin 
• Uses positive and negative charged ions- positive opens the pores, deep cleanses and increases circulation with then the negative ions push products into the skin and closes the pores reducing any redness and helping circulation 
• Skin appears refreshed and rejuvenated 
• Rebalances the skin 
• Softens the appearance of fine lines 
• Improves tired, dull looking skin 
Contra indications: pregnancy, pacemaker, epilepsy, heart conditions, diabetes- insulin controlled, thrombosis, high blood pressure, tumours, Ms, anti-depressants, Botox and fillers (72hrs) 
Oxygen Infusion 
• Plumps and soothes the appearance of fine lines 
• The skin is proven to feel tighter and firmer 
• Tissue repair and healing properties 
• Rebalances the skin 
• Radiant and healthier looking skin 
• 21 days of lasting effects after one treatment 
• Improves hydration 
Avoid active acne eczema or psoriasis 
Light Therapy 
The use of red and blue light penetrates deeper into the skin to normalise and rebalance the skin 
Red Light: anti- ageing, stimulates collagen production, increases cellular renewal, plumps and smoothes the appearance of fine lines 
Blue Light: anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, skin calming and reduces redness 
Contra indications: photo epilepsy 
Biotec Firm and lift 
• Improves muscle tone and lifts the facial contours 
• Plumps and firms the jowls, jawline, cheeks and chin 
• Focus on deeper wrinkles in the skin 
• Hydrates and maximises skins overall health 
• Protection against environmental damage preventing skin ageing 
Clinically proven facial here are some results from trials made after one facial: 
91% of facial contours were dramatically lifted 
91% facial contours were more sculpted 
95% felt their skin was much firmer 
89% felt the skin was much firmer, lifted and shaped 
Biotec Line Eraser 
• Clinically proven after one facial to reduce the depth of fine lines and wrinkles by 68% 
• Clinically proven to increase skin firmness and elasticity by 95% after one treatment 
• smoothes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles 
• increase in hydration and moisture levels 
• promotion of cell renewal 
• protection against environmental issues preventing ageing of the skin 
Biotec Radiance Renew 
• Re- energises tired, dull looking skin 
• Brightens and evens out skin tone 
• Reduces dark circles under the eyes 
• Minimises discolouration to the skin 
• Full of vitamins and minerals to feed the skin 
• Protects against pollution and environmental damage 
• Boosts sluggish complexions 
• A great pick me up facial from daily stresses 
Biotec Blemish Control 
• Deep cleanse the skin and detoxifies 
• Heals scarring 
• Rebalances oil production 
• Restoes moisture levels 
• Repairs damaged tissue 
• Soothe the skins complexion 
Biotec Skin Soother 
• Safe during Pregnancy 
• Anti-redness treatment 
• Cellular repair 
• Balances out moisture levels 
Biotec Skin Resurfacing 
• Clinically proven to resurface the skin smoothness by 43% after one treatment 
• Acne scarring visibly reduced 
• 96% felt the appearance of age spots and hyperpigmentation was visibly improved 
• 87% said the ski tone looked more even 
• Deeply cleanses the skin 
• Balances uneven skin tone 


Dermaplaning Facial 
Includes a Luxury Elemis Collagen Face Mask 
45 Minuites £50.00  
dermaplaning in camberley, Surrey
dermaplaning in Camberley Surrey
derma planing in Camberley Surrey



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