The Ultimate Guide to Flawless Makeup on your Wedding Day - By Catherine Taylor Makeup Artist 
Your Bridal Makeup Skin Care Guide 
As a Bride of Catherine Taylor & Team we want to offer you the best advice on how to look after your skin before your big day to ensure we can create a flawless long-lasting finish. 
This guide may not work for everyone as everyone’s skin reacts differently to skin care, however this is the advice we have given all of our brides at their trials and have seen such a difference in how well the make sits on their skin after following our advice. If you have sensitive skin be aware of the products you are using and use brands that you know you will not react to. 
Please do not feel like you need to do this, if you feel like what you already works well for you that’s fine. 
We were never taught at school how to look after our skin, so here is my little guide to help you!! 
Drinking plenty of water will really help give you nice glowing skin. Aim for 2-3 Litres a day 
Most people forget about exfoliating their skin however this part of your skin care plan is really important. 
If you already have a brand of skin care you use that works, see if they have an exfoliating cleanser or facewash. 
My personal favourite is Elemis Gentle Rose Exfoliator or Liz Earle Gentle Face Exfoliator. 
Aim to exfoliate your skin 2-3 times a week. 
Exfoliating is great for removing dead skin and producing natural oils and really helps foundation sit better in your skin. 
Great for Oily, Dry and Normal Skin Types 
Face Masks 
Using a face mask can really help hydrate your skin. Using a facemask twice a week can be really beneficial 
My personal favourite is Pixi Collagen Facemask. 
Cleansing & Toning 
This part of your skin care is really important. Aim to Cleanse and tone in the morning and before bed ensuring all of your makeup is taken off. 
Put the cleanser on your face first, this helps to breakdown the dirt and makeup on your skin. The wash off with water. 
After use a toner, this helps to get the rest of your skin. 
Make sure you purchase a cleanser & toner for your skin type. 
My personal favourites are Clairin’s and Elemis 
After cleaning and toning, use a good moisturiser. 
Mosituring twice a day is really important. 
Try and find one with SPF or a separate product that contains SPF to protect your skin for the sun, this also helps with aging! 
My favourite moisturisers are Elemis Pro Collagen, The Body Shop Vitamin E, Dr Dennis Collagen Moisterer and Bobbi Brown Vitamin Enriched Face base. 
Eye Cream 
Keeping under your eyes moisturised is important and helps to reduce dark circles, puffyness and fine lines.  
My favourite products are Bobbi Brown Vitamin Enriched Eye Cream and Elemis Pro Collegen Eye Cream. Aim to apply this twice a day.  
Other products 
Retinol is an anti-ageing product that can significantly improve the appearance of fine lines, sun damage, dark spots and wrinkles. Not only is it said to reverse the signs of ageing after daily use, but it can also act as a preventive measure too. 
Studies have shown that using an over-the-counter product with 0.1% retinol (for prolonged, regular use) showed significant improvement to wrinkles, with visible results as early as one month. 
My personal favourite is by The Ordinary 
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